French M-1895 Brass Fireman's Helmet of Gumbrechtshoffen

This is a French Model 1895 brass fireman's helmet. The entire helmet is made from polished brass and features the frontal plate of the Gumbrechtshoffen fire service (Sapeurs Pompiers Gumbrechtshoffen) along with a flaming grenade and laurel and oak leaf wreath. Missing from the helmet are the interior lining and the feather plume.

The Model 1895 is distinguished from the Model 1885 by the lack of rivets used to secure the top comb. Officer's of higher rank wore a nickel plated helmet with gold frontal plate, NCOs wore a brass helmet with nickel frontal plate, and lower ranks wore a brass helmet with brass frontal plate, as in this example. Different plume colors signified various ranks and specialties.1

France French Third Republic
Civil Helmet

Description by Jordan Winter