Vietnam Era Marine's M-1 Helmet with Camouflage Cover

This M-1 helmet was used by a United States Marine soldier as seen by the front EGA (Eagle, Globe, Anchor) patch insignia. The shell and liner are of the late Korean War variety, but the Mitchell leaf camouflage cover dates to 1968 and the Vietnam War.

U.S. Marine Corps Insignia

Commonly called the EGA, or eagle, globe, and anchor, the U.S. Marine Corps service insignia features a crested eagle standing on a globe superimposed over a fouled anchor. The crested eagle, which is found worldwide, symbolizes USMC services all over the world. In relation to the eagle, the globe also represents the USMC services around the globe, but also indicates land service. The anchor symbolizes the Marine Corps’ amphibious character.1

United States Cold War
Infantry Helmet 1941 — 1988