German SA Officer's Field Cap

Featured here is an SA (Sturmabteilung, or Storm Detachment) mountain cap worn during World War II (1939-1945). The SA mountain cap is similar in design to the Einheitsfeldmütze 43 (M-43 Field Cap) worn by members of the German Army.  However, the cap is more oval than the M-43 and has a larger cloth visor on the front.1 Also, featured on the front of the cap is an SA eagle machine woven in aluminum thread. Around the crown of the hat is sliver piping, as was the SA custom.2 The cap has two flaps that fasten to the front by two sliver buttons. The flaps can also be worn down in order to provide cold climate protection. The inside features a worn RZM tag that is illegible. There is also a stamp giving the size of the cap as 58 cm.

Germany Interwar Period
Field Cap

Description by Samuel Grubb