German M-826 Aramid Fiber Helmets

As the United States and other modernized countries' militaries began using composite fiber helmets (such as Kevlar) beginning in the 1980s, so too did the German Bundeswehr. German companies conducted research on the best available options at the time and eventually came to the Model 826, a helmet with striking similarities to the American PASGT Kevlar helmet. The M-826 is produced from layers of aramid fibers covered in a phenolic resin and molded at a very high pressure. The liner consists of a web of green plastic with small tubes on the end to absorb impacts. A black mesh covers the plastic web and has an adjustable leather sweaband. The chinstrap is similar to the three-point system of the previous M-60(M1A1) steel helmet but instead uses a metal-covered buckle. Some of the major manufacturer's of the M-826 are Schuberth and Induyco.

Infantry Helmet 1990

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